Apr 20, 2011

Custom furniture....what's in it for you?

With a custom sectional and chairs the client was able to add the other pieces she needed for her room.

Did you know that the cost to buy a well-made sofa is comparable whether you have a custom piece fabricated versus selecting a ready-made piece from a retail store?   When you are selecting the seating for your new living room, and intend to have the furniture for 20 years or more, you will likely make a choice from a good quality vendor and not one that sells more transient pieces. Good quality retail vendors will offer a choice of fabrics to put on a defined selection of frames.  You can also adjust the color of legs and wood accents but that's all.  What if you are small?  When you sit on a sofa do your legs touch the floor? Do you need to add more pillows since the seat is too deep?

There are many factors to consider in purchasing the perfect sofa or chair.  The dimensions of every part of the piece are as important as the type and style of the fabrics you select. The seat height should be comfortable for your legs and back. Your feet should touch the floor. Depth of seats should allow comfortable sitting and getting back up without the aid of pillows, pulling yourself out, or shifting position to get up.

Arm height and back height should be designed first for seating and reclining comfort, and then for aesthetics in the space.  Width is critical and depends on where the sofa is to be used. If you get a sectional that has to sit too close to your TV or fireplace because the room is too small, other issues crop up - safety, egress from the room, headaches and neck aches, and the like.

The frame, the springs, and the foam are also elements that add to the durability, comfort, and longevity of the sofa. You back and derriere will thank you for a good choice.   Fabrics are the final element to select in a sofa or chair.  Where is the piece to be used? What  is the need for stain resistance?  If you catch your keys on the fabric will it snag? Do you eat on the chair?  The list of questions is important since the right fabric choice will satisfy you even if an 'accident' happens.  The wrong one could cost you money to repair or clean.

At A Touch of Tradition Home and Garden Shop, the custom seating is well-priced and the selection of fabrics is nearly endless. That's my source!