Oct 5, 2010

STYLE - Lesson 1

Finding one's style is both easier and more confusing with the plethora of information available. Images of spaces that you like are everywhere, but some are not well-defined. Photos of traditional spaces are often designed to look great but aren't practical for living. Going back to the roots of decorative arts is essential; you can identify elements that attract you and discover your interior style.

Why is this important? Most people do like a combination of styles, however, desire cohesiveness from space to space in their homes. Knowing what works together saves time and money and focuses your interior deign plan.
A neoclassic style with contemporary color.

Your home should reflect your personality and surround you with elements that satisfy. Whether it's a restful or exciting interior, you should create spaces you will enjoy.  Looking at images of furnishings and accessories throughout history, should give you a basic sense of what you like. Try to identify features of what you like...is it the line, the shape, detailed carving or smooth surfaces? Is a delicate feel important to you? Do you like ornate furnishings or clean lines?  

Modern style all the way.
Find the basic or most repetitive motif or element...the carved details, the leg shape, motifs in the fabric.  A theme will emerge!  From the elements you identify, you can compare to pieces you have or want, to help determine the overall style that suits you.  

Frustrated? No time for research?  Send your images to Entirely Design and we will empower you, guide you and provide the style details to create an interior that is uniquely you.