Oct 28, 2010

More on kitchens - storage is king.

The reason many people remodel or update their kitchens is to gain storage. Think this through carefully.  Be sure you list each item that you have or want for your new kitchen, and identify where it will go in the new cabinets. It would be a shame not to have easy use of a new mixer or blender because the new cabinet space was too small.  Consider your long-term needs as well. Do you plan to retire in this home? Do you or a member of your family need low access to dishes, pots, glassware etc?   Is there a special hobby or activity that you work on in the kitchen (baking, crafting, art) that needs appropriate storage space? Don't just use standard drawers and doors. With cabinet door lift systems, full extension pull-outs, toe-kick storage, roll out and pull out fittings, how you design the interior of your cabinets can be limitless. Check out these ideas!