Oct 29, 2010

Light up your life....

Good lighting is essential for any space, whether you work, play or rest there.  

Layered lighting in an open-plan home.
There are three types of lighting: ambient or general, task, and accent. General lighting is essential to your lighting plan. It illuminates the space to see and move about. Common fixtures used are recessed lights, chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures, and track lighting. Task lighting does what it sounds like...illuminates the area for specific tasks including cooking, reading, homework and office work, sewing, etc.  Typical fixtures include portable lamps, spot lights, and hanging fixtures focusing on the work area. For drama, to highlight an area, and for visual interest, accent lighting is used. Picture lights, pendants, spot lights from track and recessed fixtures, and those concealed in architectural details, are elements for accent lighting,

The technical side of lighting includes terms such as foot candles, beam spreads, color indexes, work planes and color rendering index, and they are used to design effective lighting plans.  When you have sufficient light, you don't think about it....without it, using and working in any space is limiting.

Good task, accent and ambient light in a country kitchen.
Since good lighting can "make or break" a room, especially kitchens and baths, and create beautiful atmosphere in any room, it's well worth bringing in an expert when you're updating or remodeling.