Sep 19, 2010

Solutions for fading daylight

As we lose daylight due to the onset of winter and daylight savings, try these quick tips to bring light back into your spaces:
  1.  Hang a mirror to reflect light from your brightest window. 
  2.  Place a lamp (if possible) in front of the mirror
  3. Add an up-light in a corner of a room
  4. Re-arrange furniture so reading chairs sit closer to windows
  5. Add candlelight at your focal point whether it is a fireplace, A/V unit or other furniture - use flame less candles for safety
  6. Hang a lighted wall sconce for accent light - flame less tea light candles are a safe option
  7. Add LED lighting in niches, curios and other unusual places
  8. Place a floor or table lamp in a dark corner and use a plug-in timer or light sensor (  to turn on and off at dusk and dawn