Sep 18, 2010

Quick Home Updates for Fall

  1. One of the fastest ways to change your interior is with an area rug. Flooring is a large area and a rug can change the color and the perception of space. IKEA has some wonderful wool and wool-blend rugs, as does Try covering your outdoor space, to warm it up for early evening dinners, with an outdoor rug (be SURE it is rated for outdoor use).
  2. Pillows in shades of orange and rust with TEXTURE, will add a new feel.  Use them on your sofa, beds, and larger chairs. 
  3. Cooler weather often brings drafts. If you have shades or blinds, add a great linen curtain panel. The fabric adds a great new look and can stop the drafts.  Local retailers often sell pairs for $20-40.
  4.  Swap out accessories in bold, warm hues. Fewer, large pieces will create impact.