Mar 1, 2010

GREEN Plumbing Tips

When updating, remodeling or doing new construction, it's not difficult to think of ways to conserve and be eco-friendly in the process. Plumbing has an impact on water

Many faucets and shower fixtures sold today have a 2.6 gallon per minute flow that follows the EPA's WaterSense guidelines. Check to see that your fixtures are all lead-free.  Low flush toilets are sold by every major fixture maker, and they are aesthetically gorgeous as well as eco-friendly.  Shower stalls can be created using Nobel Company products, whose composition is recycled material, and whose performance is also "green'.  Why hot mop when you can use their waterproofing line quickly, safely, and economically?

Don't stop with fixtures, be sure your hot water system is also up to date. Tankless water heaters will pay for themselves, when compare to traditional tank water heaters. With the right size, a remote pump to bring water to locations a distance from the heater, you will also LOVE hot water on demand.