Jan 28, 2019

Five Enduring Kitchen Trends

As an interior designer, I create kitchens that are comfortably sophisticated, rich and relaxed, and that inspire my clients daily through perfected details and balance. To fulfill each clients desire for a beautiful and functional kitchen, I develop their style, coordinate with  their budget and lifestyle, and consider the environment in the selection of every element used in the design.    There are five elements in kitchen design to consider so your project is
as timeless as possible

Better Homes & Gardens

1. Today's kitchens need a functional layout that includes working spaces for cooking, family gathering, crafting, doing homework & paying bills, TV watching and entertaining. To incorporate lifestyle changes and new technology, that also means designating spaces for charging devices, home automation, Internet access, cameras and monitors, and much more.

Entirely Design 

2. Mixing cabinetry to incorporate a combination of stained woods, exotic veneers, paint, thermofoil, stainless steel and even glass, allows each client to express their unique style. Whether that means staining the island and painting the surrounding cabinets, or using sophisticated wood veneer in combination with glossy thermofoil, it's   all about personalizing the style of your kitchen instead of making it just a place to cook.

3. Maintain openness with the formal dining area. In the past, open plans included removing walls with the adjacent great or family room. Changing lifestyles, family sizes, and multigenerational living arrangements, people prefer to have access  to their formal dining room for casual everyday use as well as elegant entertaining.


4. Double islands are popular for three main reasons. The additional island is key for entertaining, it serves to separate adjacent spaces, and it adds much needed storage. Without a sink, a second island will have an expansive countertop that serves as an extra eating surface, a place to serve food when entertaining, and can have slightly different cabinetry from the rest of the kitchen to make it more a like a piece of furniture, and conceal amazing and creative storage.  The main island is the 'work horse' for prepping, cooking, and typically has a second sink and dishwasher.

Laura DeFrew 

5. Comfortable bench seating combined with traditional chairs is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Built-in benches are still popular, but imagine a tufted high back vegan 'leather' piece  that can withstand children climbing, pets jumping, and any food stain, yet look sophisticated and elegant.