Sep 28, 2018

Updating your hardware?

There are no limits when it comes to cabinet hardware.  With a vast array of style, finish, and size options available, there is something for every budget and you can definitely express your personality. Don’t limit yourself to pulls and knobs either; there are functional and decorative hinges to meet your needs. Selecting cabinet hardware can be challenging so don’t hesitate to contact a design pro to help. Start with these tips and have fun!

  1. What’s your style?  Do you prefer a traditional, transitional, modern, rustic or eclectic vibe?
  2. Which material appeals to you? Metal, wood, ceramic, glass? Smooth or rough finish? You find hardware with gemstone and leather accents 
  3. Hardware finishes don’t have to match other fixtures or appliances. Do you love the warmth of brass, the shine of chrome or polished nickel, or the brushed look of nickel or stainless? Classic black iron? The options are nearly endless. A mix of finishes in a room gives bespoke style but needs to be cohesive. 
  4. Consider the shape.  Do you prefer linear, round, square, rectangle or a numeric or organic shape? Don’t hesitate to mix shapes. Draw attention to a built in desk unit or china cabinet with unique hardware. 
  5. Decide whether you prefer handles, pulls or knobs.  A combination often works well based on the size of your cabinet doors and drawers. 
  6. Placement can guide your selection. Do you like the look of a vertical or horizontal pull?  Be sure the hardware is balanced to the scale of doors and drawers.
  7. Are there special considerations?  Do you need a smaller size in places because a door opens into an appliance or a wall?  Is a particular shape necessary to make it easy for everyone in your family to grab?
  8. Consider whether you like soft close hinges, hidden euro hinges, or a hinge that adds to the style you love. 

Here are 12 styles under $25.  Some of the sources include big box hardware stores,, and Target