Jul 10, 2018

Have a STAYCATION this summer!

As an interior designer, I create special and beautiful spaces for my clients. Some of them have told me their purpose during a remodel or an update is to just enjoy being home. It's a place to be grounded, feel safe, be comfortable, and relax. Four recent clients specifically designed their homes for a staycation. My task was to create an environment for a functional and aesthetically pleasing day-to-day life style yet that could serve as a 'getaway' during a staycation. So I did..... and enjoyed the challenge of creating some dual style spaces. 
For me, Staycations are about taking time off and then accomplishing things I postpone when my schedule is full. It's kind of a "get up and do what you like" time. Of course, if you have family and children, you do need some planning. 

On your staycation consider doing three main things: 
1. Plan to relax.  Yes, you need to do nothing at some point on your staycation. Whether it is to sleep in, to take a nap, or do something enjoyable with friends, it will put your mind and your body at ease. On the design side, I have created some fabulous places for lounging and my favorite is a seating  niche. 

2. Read a good book. Getting lost in a great story is a fabulous way to relax. When I read good author, Jonathan Kellerman and Tami Hoag are two favorites -  I feel as though I'm in the midst of the action and completely escape my surroundings. I don't love to cook - opting for simple meals - but when I have time, I like to read through recipes and actually try them out. This is a great time to cuddle with the kitties and making sure that the bedroom is super comfortable.

3. Get some exercise. Many of us don't have lots of time to work out during the week.  Just spending a little bit of time on different exercise – for me it's yoga – can give you a new perspective and a better mind/body connection. Every week I get in a good run but on a staycation, I can opt to go someplace different than running out the front door, into town, and back. 

4. Do something cultural. Visit an art gallery. Soak up some local culture by visiting a museum.  Southern California has a very diverse culture between Los Angeles and San Diego. There are some fabulous museums, wonderful theater, and a host of historic sites to visit.

The best part, if you're tired of your staycation, you can "check out" and go back to life as usual!