Jul 9, 2018


I love the character of aged terracotta. The gardens in Tuscany have gorgeous hand made terra cotta planters in shapes and sizes that will leave your mouth watering. The clay has darkened over time an now has a whitish patina from fertilizers and the minerals in the water. The style is classic and the look is warm and inviting.   You can easily transform your pristine clay pots into warm, aged planters. 

 1 bag of Hydrated lime
 1 Natural-bristle paint brush 
 Spray bottle filled with water 
 150-grit sandpaper

This amount will age 2 pots up to 12" in diameter or several smaller sizes.  You can increase the volume depending upon the sizes and number of pots you're aging.
1. Dissolve 1 cup of hydrated lime powder in 2 cups of water, stirring until the mixture is smooth.
2. Use your brush to paint the lime solution on the pot. Do it randomly for a more natural end result by painting a bit thicker in some areas and thinner - so you still see terracotta through - in others. 

3. While the lime is still WET put your spray bottle on “stream” (instead of a fine spray) and coat the pot with water spots. The water thins the coating for a more natural look. Let dry.

4. Once the lime is dry, sand your pot lightly in random directions. Wipe the dust off with a cotton rag so you can see your work. Sand and wipe until you have achieved the look you're after. Yes, you can go back and add more lime if you'd like thickness in some areas. I love to leave heavier lime under the rim of the pot and an uneven line at the base.