Nov 7, 2017

UPDATE - Powder Rooms!

Powder rooms are one of the best places to express your creativity; go deep and rich in color, add bright fabrics and accessories, have fabulous mood lighting, and add character with an interesting mirror or unique artwork. It's not a room that you spend much time in so you don't need bright lights for make up and dressing. It's easy to make it a room where your personality takes center stage. 

Add a fresh coat of a seasonally or personally inspired paint color. I encouraged  my client to paint the walls a rich eggplant because it was her favorite color and didn't fit in any other space in the house. Even her husband loved the result. If you don't have a vanity but a pedestal or basin on a stand, consider adding a sink skirt in a fabric that you thoroughly enjoy. For Beth, we created our own sink skirt from napkins for a warm country style. Attaching a band of Velcro to the base of the pedestal add to the back of the fabric made it very easy to install. It now covers all of the pipes under the sink and creates a wonderful storage space. A bold pattern and color tile on the walls is exciting and less costly to do than in a full bath.

From spectacularly framed mirrors to interesting artwork, this is a space where you can add drama and creativity. Lynda & Richard love architectural elements and we hung some antique saw blades that look dynamite with their newly repainted black vanity. 

You don't need bright light in the powder room so you can have fabulous mood lighting, deep amber glass or fabric shades, and even colored bulbs. Don't forget candles. With all of the flameless versions with timers and remotes, they're are simple to use and safe in wall candelabras. Their realistic wax makes them appealing and the flickering glow of warm yellow candlelight is pleasing to almost everyone.

Use colored towels. Add a fabulous ceramic accessory to an over-toilet shelf. Paint your vanity in a color that complements your wall, and  use this as an opportunity for creative distressing, stencil embellishments, and very decorative or ornamental hardware.  If you have room, consider adding a small table. 

A Spectacular floor tile or a unique sink will make the space dramatic and personal. The small scale of a powder room often makes a dynamic update affordable.

Don't forget bargain-hunting. Many of the big box stores, and discount home furnishings shops have fabulous items at reasonable prices. Oops paint is typically available at the big hardware stores. For about five dollars you can get a gallon of paint and experiment with color. Lamps has wonderful pricing on light fixtures if you have a bit of time and our creative, you can wire your own fixture from unique findings.