Sep 22, 2017

Bookshelves Aren't Just For Books

Bookshelves, whether built-in or free standing, are a great way to fill a room.  They can add height to a room, become a fabulous architectural element, and create displays for collectibles using a combination of books and accessories. My top tips for bookcase styling are easy to follow. Check out my You Tube videos too.

1. Display pieces that interest you and that you’re passionate about.  Bring out your white pitchers and bowls. They'll warm your heart every time you see them, and look fabulous in your space.

2. Along with books, add accessories, keepsakes, vases, pictures, plates….the options are endless for display. Be sure to vary the heights as you set up each shelf. Have some books flat and some standing normally. Alternate books from the left side to the right as you fill the shelves up or down.
3. The back of your bookcase is an ideal place to add color to a room. Painting a favored color, adding wallpaper or other decorative pattern, and even coating the backs with fabric, create a beautiful backdrop and bring in color in small amounts.

4.  Keeping one theme for your collectibles will create more impact.  A collection of candlesticks becomes a focal point when grouped on your shelves in lieu of  being spread around your room.

5.  It's OK to stack books horizontally and then add a decorative element onto the books.  You can also lean framed photos and artwork among your books for  a personalized style.

6. After you've added books and your main accessories, consider adding a layer IN FRONT of what you've placed.   Framed photos, glass collectibles, and even a stuffed toy sitting on the edge of the shelf, create layers.

7. Do try to keep your shelves de-cluttered. Less is more. If you find your shelves looking crowded, it's a good idea to add a basket or decorative box, and place extras - or those pesky pieces that don't look quite right - inside, for swapping out later.

Have fun with styling your bookshelves ~ add your personal touches and you’ll create a charming composition that can be achieved on a budget and that can be continually updated!