Aug 1, 2017

Style Idea - Natural Fibers

If you love natural fibers, you're already in the know about the beauty and fabulous texture of rushes, grasses and reeds. You can incorporate them into any style decor. From window treatments, to floor coverings, to seating, to accessories for display and storage, a natural fiber product gives you handmade style with a woodsy aroma that invites relaxation.

I've never seen a well made basket that I didn't love. Whether it's sea grass, willow, rattan, jute, bamboo or another natural fiber, I marvel at the weave, shape, and sturdiness.  Natural fibers can tolerate moisture and can be braided, woven, or wrapped to create gorgeous products. They're always in style and can be seen in every interior style from elegant traditional homes to modern minimalist spaces.

So what ARE some of these fibers?  Jute is a stalk-like fiber from a jute plant. Rush is a grass and is woven from a bulrush plant. Seagrass is also from a plant, this one growing in fields submerged with seawater. Abaca, also known as Manila Hemp, is commonly used to weave rope. Water hyacinth is a flowering plant that grows in water instead of pure soil. 

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