Aug 31, 2017

Design Refresh - Six Easy Pieces

Even the most beautiful interiors need a refresh. I've found that adding one of these six furniture pieces adds the right touch.

Benches are incredibly flexible pieces and come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Use one in an entry to create a landing space that's less weighty than a credenza; adds color and pattern with a cushion and pillows. Tuck pretty boxes or baskets underneath for storage. At a dining table, a bench gives a cleaner line, saves space, and is an opportunity to use a coordinating fabric. A built in bench provides custom storage, hides a radiator, and adds architectural detail.

When you need storage and an accent, a simple chest is ideal. They're fabulous in an entry as a catch all, useful in a living room instead of a very 'expected' end table, and in a hallway, creates a gorgeous focal point with a mirror or art, lighting, and accessories. Paint an old dresser in a bold color and use it in your living room!

Demi lune  
Curves add softness and interest. The gentle curve of the front gives more space in small bedroom.   Use one behind your entry door or in a hallway to hold a table lamp or tuck storage containers under. Demi-lunes make creative and comfy desks that don't take over your living and dining room.

Nesting tables are the perfect landing place next to sofas and chairs. You only need one, and can open it up to create 3 or 4 tables when you entertain.  Instead of a cocktail table, consider a nested set to save space.

Love seats are  ideal size for extra seating.They're 4-5' small so tuck into bedroom at foot of bed or serve as a corner piece in mid sized living room.  One love seat can take the place of 3 chairs to keep a space open and uncluttered.

Slipper chairs are the ideal size for small spaces. Their clean line makes spaces feel open and clutter free. You can tuck them under a console or table, and place 2 side-by-side since they don't have arms.

Occasional chairs are multi purpose. Not only are they decorative in an entry or hallway, they're perfect to pull up to your kitchen or dining table when you have an extra guest. In a bedroom, they're a landing spot for books, the day's clothes and a place to put on shoes. They are the ideal accessory piece since there are so many styles, and you can use them for seating, as a table, to hold plants, or as a beautiful accent piece.