Jun 11, 2016

How To Cut Cleaning Time

 It's summer.  Even though the days are longer, there doesn't seem to be enough time to enjoy being outdoors with your family and still have a clean home. As you throw open your windows and doors, you do invite more than just fresh air and sunshine in. Check out my fave ways to make house cleaning easier so you can spend more time outside!

1. Get your kids involved. Have them help with simple chores around the house - from picking up their toys and clothes to dusting furniture - you can get more done!

2. Make a list. Identify the areas of your home that need the most work and focus there first. Maybe it's your kitchen, maybe it's organizing the entry. 

3.  Declutter every day. When you bring something in, find a place for it immediately. Don’t leave messes for later cleanup.   Create an organizing system, and use it.

4. Clean as you go. If you’re already in the bathroom brushing your teeth, spend an extra minute wiping down the sink. Pick up what's on the living room floor and carry it to the bedroom as you go upstairs. You get the picture!

5. Take advantage of nap time! Use the time to put away toys, clean the toilet, fold laundry or wipe down surfaces. 

6. Use a cleaning tote. If everything is in one caddie or bucket so much easier to carry everything you need from room to room.