Sep 24, 2015

White on white is always right for the bedroom.

When it comes to interiors, the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day never applies. Especially in bedrooms. White is always right. 

White bedrooms are peaceful, clean, and relaxing. It's also an ideal color if your room is small, or has unusual architecture. In any space, white maximizes light and makes spaces feel larger. One of the keys to white on white rooms, is to add texture and depth. Varying the type of bedding, an area rug, the woods used, and even the accessories and light fixtures, make white rooms stunning.

And don't think that just because you're using one color means it has to be a minimalist style. White bedrooms can be warm and inviting. Instead, you will have a clean, uncluttered space. Adding single color accents allows those pieces to make a statement. Go ahead and use luxurious pillows, a fake for throw, a crystal lamp, and even mirrored furniture.
 Take a look at these fabulous  bedrooms and see how white works.

Source: Sukio

Source: Maison du Monde

This richly textured iron headboard and other architectural artifacts, combined with white on white bedding, a richly textured area rug, and a rustic wood ceiling, make this bedroom fabulous. Hints of Moroccan style  in the light fixture and accessories, make this a unique and ethnic space. 

When you're thinking about the perfect white bedroom, romance comes to mind. Think - wrought iron bed frame, sheer white or lacy curtains, flowers in milk glass vases on the nightstand. Flea market finds take on a new life with a coat of white paint, you can hunt down some fabulous frames and mirrors at garage sales.

Source: Scandinavian Designs

A bit more minimalist is Scandinavian style.  Although the quintessential style often includes whitewashed floors, look is to keep light coming into the room with minimal window coverings, crisp bed linens, and blonde wood furniture accents. 

Source: Chapter Friday

Indeed, keeping an all white room white can be intimidating. For bedding, I typically use a throw for pets and sitting on. Wool is a fabulous material for Area rugs since the natural lanolin helps repel soil.  Adding a tray to your dresser can corral all of your  necessary bedside materials, and then comes in handy when you desire a weekend brunch, or an evening glass of wine with a favored novel. 

Keep your bedding bright by adding a scoop of oxygenated bleach to your laundry with regular detergent (unlike regular bleach, it can be used on non-whites). For an eco-friendly stain remover, apply white vinegar or lemon juice directly to stains (a dab of hydrogen peroxide will also do the trick).