Sep 30, 2015

Update Your Shower

Your morning ritual. Usually it begins in the bathroom...with a shower. Maybe the space is small, cluttered and not organized ideally. Day in day out, you navigate around the small vanity, the piece of furniture you have stored in there because you don't have enough cabinetry, three children brushing their teeth, and the list goes on.  In the shower have a big caddy to hold toiletries, toys, soap, etc. it's a relatively small and unforgiving space, and you definitely have to contort your body to shave, shampoo, and work around all of the bottles and potions that your family collects in the shower stall. 
Kohler has a new shower wall and accessory collection that will change the way you shower.  It's called Choreograph and brings functionality and organization. It's a very cool system, with many fabulous design and space saving details. It starts with the shower walls which are available in a range of colors, patterns and textures so you can customize the shower to match your style. What's even better, is the innovative in wall storage solutions that will keep your shower organized. It even adds seating options that make showering and shaving more comfortable. 
This collection is a complete showering system that makes it easier than ever to design, organize and create a shower spaced around you. Choose and personalize everything, from The wall panels, to the accent panels to all of the storage and accessories. It's a fabulous solution for a small shower and certainly for one that is shared by your family.
While I always recommend that a professional do work in a wet area like a shower, this product has a unique joint system helps keep installation simple and quick. The walls can be trimmed on site so custom cuts can be made, and it can be installed over your existing tile. The wall is manufactured from durable a material known as Serica; KOHLER’s proprietary composite material. They've engineered it for performance and long lasting beauty. It combines crushed stone with fiber strand reinforcement, done under extreme pressure, and creates a beautiful aesthetic with fabulous durability.
The joints of the Choreograph™ collection leave a minimal seam for a finished look that conceals the silicone. This makes it easy to clean the shower walls and maintain them over time. The accessories are designed for easy cleaning; many are adjustable, removable and even dishwasher-safe (my personal favorite)!

I'll be installing one in my client's small condo and will follow up with you on how they like it, what the installer says about the process, and take photos of the end result!