May 11, 2015

Plumbing Pipe Shelving

Pipe wall units add fabulous storage and display in modern interiors. You can use them directly in the hallway, living room, or even the laundry room or garage if you have a traditional space.  This from black pipe readily available at the Home Depot. They will cut all of the custom lengths for you at no charge. If you're using it in a more industrial style space or outside, use galvanized pipe (although the cost will be more).

The unit is 8’8″ wide by roughly 7’6″ tall and 11 1/4″ deep

Plumbing pipe and fittings (all at 1/2″)

18 – 90º Elbows
14 – 3-Way Tees
8 – Base Flanges

6 – 12″
7 – 18″
1 – 32″
3 – 30″ (Custom cut at home depot)
1 – 43″ (Custom cut at home depot)
14 – 8″
4 – 9″ (black gas pipe for the top flange connectors)

Wood Shelves
2 – 1″ x 12″ x 10′ pine planks (cut down to 8′8″)
2 – 1″ x 12″ x 6′ pine planks (cut down to 4′8″)

Minwax Stain 1 quart (you could mix shades as well to get different versions of brown)

Rustoleum Black Gloss Spray Paint - optional, need about 3 cans 

3/4” Hole saw
Medium grit sandpaper (#120)
Dish soap / water-based degreaser
Ladder or step stool

Drill 3/4" holes in the pine planks for the pipe to fit through. Clean all the grease of the pipes - I used rubbing alcohol but dish soap works well.  Painting is optional. The black pipe is generally flat, so if you want a little pizzazz, then spray with glossy paint. If you're using galvanized, I just use a little steel wool and get off any extra marks, and the finish is gorgeous. Then sand and stain the wood to whatever shade you like.