Apr 10, 2015

Update Tips From A Pro

Even if your house is beautifully decorated, there's always room to create a bit of freshness and create a more cohesive look. I've put together my 10 favorite tips to give you ideas on how to tie everything altogether, especially when you add in something new. 

1. Freshen Up Your Walls 
If your walls have been painted the same color for a long time, whether they're white or colored, they may need a new coat. It really does make a room look brighter and lighter to have a fresh coat of paint on the walls. With the new finishes available, matte is gorgeous and actually cleanable. When you are looking for the right shade, think about one that flatters everything in your space. Perhaps it's the perfect shade of white, perhaps it's a creamy neutral background that allows you to add color everywhere.  Consider painting the ceilings in a shade of light silver or ivory instead of plain white.

2. Create a glamorous space for yourself.
One of the best places to create a retreat is in your bedroom. It's a space to relax and refresh and often the only private space you have.  While it might seem unusual to recommend  adding a piece of furniture, put a sitting area in place if you can. Perhaps it's a bench at the end of your bed, a small armchair tucked into a cozy corner; add a swingarm lamp on the wall you don't need an end table.  No space anywhere? Tuck the bed into a a corner and make an L-shaped pillow "headboard" for a cozy niche. 

3. Declutter your counters
One of the things that makes a space feel crowded and disorganized is clutter. Kitchens are notorious for having too much on the counters. Bathrooms follow suit. Clearly you need toiletries, appliances, and things that you use on a daily basis. But there are ways to organize them in wicker, metal, and even stone baskets and boxes. Almost every retail store offers canisters & containers that are pretty.  Using clear glass means you don't even have to label them. Rather than just lining up your extra bottles, creative display. Make it beautiful and you will love it and use it with enjoyment.

4. Change up your lighting. 
A new lampshade can do wonders for a room. It can add a bright spot of light, make a dated fixture appear contemporary, and even add a hint of color or you didn't have one before. Changing the bulb is even easier, and can provide the same dramatic result  With all of the fabulous new LED bulbs out there you can get any color light. Don't want to do any of those things, and a dimmer to your chandeliers, recessed fixtures, and more. It will completely change the ambience in a room and probably save you energy at the same time. Want to go all the way? Layer your lighting.  Add accent fixtures in the form of wall sconces, LED strips for behind large artwork around architectural features, and even place a mirror in front of an existing lamp to reflect light around the space.

5. Floral decor makes a space natural and inviting Most people don't have a green thumb. So succulents and orchids are two of the best plants to use. They're both architectural, easy to take care of – require very little water – and look fabulous and elegance in a room. I love planting orchids of any kind – since they are so readily available at home improvement stores – into existing bowls and containers. Even one plant on your coffee table will make your space feel fabulous. 

6. Create a beautiful display in a bookcase, console or coffee table. These are areas that we often forget, because we use them for storage. They become catch all places for keys, mail and more. However, if you create an artful display with just a few objects, layering in pieces you love, some books, lidded boxes or other containers to store clutter, you will enjoy looking at the display. I typically recommend undulating objects from high to low to high again. You don't have to have symmetry, just create balance with similarly weighted pieces. Mix round with rectangular for a balanced and stylish setting.

7. About the impression your entry makes ...
Whether you have an outdoor space to add some plants, hang wreath on the door, or a small indoor entry so you can add a console, lighting, and accessories, it creates ambience and gives insight into what's inside. The first impression of your home should be decluttered and attractive to you and to your guests.

8. Don't forget your ceilings Do  something different. Add  a medallion around a light fixture. Stencil in some detail so people will look up which makes a room del larger. Painting the ceiling a color, something light that reflects can be stunning. Why go with white when other things in your space are not?!  All paints have something known as "light reflectance value". The higher the number the more light will bounce around the room once you've painted the color on the surface. Therefore, don't think that white is the only option. You can use yellow, blue, green, etc. To look up and see a warm color will make you feel good every time.

9. Update you window treatments

Most people need window coverings for privacy.  To give yourself an update, keep your existing blinds.  Add a fabric valence  over the top. Add side panels of premade draperies. Your room will feel warm and inviting, and you'll love the change.  Have panels, and shears in between. Makes a huge difference and softens the window. I'm a huge fan of IKEA draperies and sheers They're good quality, priced right  and all you have to do is hem -often iron on tape included- to the prefect length you need.

10. Think eclectic.
Having a room that reflects your personality and has character will ground you and make you feel wonderful when you come home. Collect  
pieces that are different. Don't be afraid to mix in a rustic table in a very modern home. Add a metallic or acrylic table to a very traditional space. Be sure your theme stays similar; for example it's challenging to do neoclassic antiques with a beach theme, but temper your theme by mixing in some elements - like casual glass hurricanes or lanterns - that can work in any style  room. Remember that fabulous  bold pillows are great ways to add texture and color and are very easy to find with all of the retail and big-box stores out there. There are are so many options for creativity, and it will definitely define who you are and make  you feel proud and relaxed  to be home.