Mar 24, 2015

DIY marble tile tray

This is a great - no tools used - project whether your home is sophisticated or casual. For only about $20 in materials  you can make this fabulous tray with any tile you like whether it's marble, porcelain, or ceramic. You can also select any style or finish handle to create the perfect look for your space. Where do you use this? How about a bathroom catchall, a coffee table tray, a collectible tray for a dresser or console… So many creative uses for such an attractive DIY project.

  • 1 tile. This one is 12" x 12" but you could also do a rectangle. 
  • Two 3" satin nickel cabinet handles. These are from Hickory Harsware 
  • E6000 2-oz General Purpose Adhesive
  • Painter’s tape
  • 4 felt pads
  • Craft paint in the color of your tile
1) Use painter’s tape to mark where you’d like the cabinet handles to sit on the tile in a centered position. These tape lines will act as a guide. If you are doing a rectangle, you need to Center of your handles on the shorter side.
2) glue each cabinet handle to the tile with E6000 adhesive following the adhesive instructions. Let adhesive dry.
3)  Attach a felt pad to each bottom corner of the tile.

4) Paint the edge of the tile with a coat of paint to cover up the bare edge.