Jul 14, 2014

DIY for Old Jewelry

Got some old jewelry that you don't wear? Has your mom or grandmom given you some beautiful pieces but you're not sure they fit your style? Check out these ideas and enjoy some great bling!

Curtain Tieback
A necklace or a brooch can be draped and pinned directly to the curtain panel or attached to a ribbon - somehow grosgrain looks better than satin - and really dresses up your room.

Earring Lampshade
Decorate a paper lampshade by punching holes evenly around the bottom edge for a traditional look or randomly on the shade for a whimsical or modern feel. Insert earring posts through the holes and secure with earring backs, or use clip-on earrings.

Earring Table-Runner Fringe
Fringe the ends of a table runner with pretty jeweled earrings. Insert the wires of pierced earrings along the edges. Look for a runner that is made of fabric so the earrings can pierce through it easily.

Bracelet Wrapped Votive Holders

Whether you stack one or more bracelets onto a votive or a candleholder, you'll get some nice sparkle, bling, or color!

Beaded Napkin Rings
Turn plain napkin rings into something special by gluing, threading or tying on beads, brooches or bracelets on to them.

Dress Up a Vase
Restring faux pearls on light-gauge wire and wind around the neck of a glass beaker, plain glass vase from the florist, or simply wind around the base.  Vases with narrow necks can even "wear" a necklace for a glamorous look.