Mar 19, 2014

Glass vases for flowers and more!

If you're like me, you've received flowers and kept the container. Some of them are nice enough to use again so you store them. Now, they're in the garage, the kitchen and the's help! 

Flowers with a twist. If a favorite flower is in season, get some. Rather than fill the base with water, add full lemons, sliced lemons, plastic grapes (to re-use), polished stones and other items that complement the flower.  I use some of the ideas below and mine become a centerpiece. With a few in differing sizes and colors you can create a unique centerpiece whether they are filled or not.

Get creative with contents. I have several large glass cylinders filled with sea shells. I add ornaments at Christmas, but they stay that way nearly year round.  It's easy to drop in timed votive or tealight candles; they go on and off at the same time every day.  4 months and counting till battery replacement.... Fill yours with favorite small items for a unique display.

Embellish them. If you want to spice up your vases, don't hesitate to make a few additions. Use acrylic paints to add that final touch to an art glass or glue ceramic beads or shells to the outside of floor vases. Etching is one of the easiest ways to transform a plain glass vase into a custom piece. Wrap with twine, ribbons or even living vines.

Glass cylinders tied with raffia and 'lined'
with twigs and bamboo

Etch a design onto a glass
vase using a stencil pattern.
See "Etch" How -to blog from Feb.

Fill glass cylinders with rocks and
leave as is, or top with candles.

My favorite in a seaside home
year-round. Seashells!

Cabbage leaves surround the base
of cut flowers for a clean look.

Cut limes thin, add a second
cylinder inside. Line between & fill
with water & flowers.

Wind ribbon around cylinders for
the right look. These were for a shower.
Strips of leftover fabrics can  make
a unique filler!
Handpaint a vine - freehand is OK.