Mar 28, 2014

Chicken Wire 101

Despite the name, chicken wire isn't just for corralling poultry. There are some great household and garden uses for every style and budget. A few of my favorites are for cabinet door inserts and keeping my dogs from walking through the iron railings when they were puppies. After doing a bit of thinking to  devise some casual storage ideas for my client's country kitchen I found a few more uses for chicken wire!  

For storage in the kitchen, and a different one for the entry and another for her office, I made 2 thin frames and stapled the wire so it was sandwiched between them. All of the frames were alder stained or distressed to match the decor of each room. You can also simply staple the wire to an existing frame for a more casual look.

Other ideas:  
A place to dry artist's brushes and craft supplies
A tool rack
Cut to fit a planter and placed on top of the filler so your stems stay put
On top of a trellis or pergola so your vines don't climb through
Replace the doors of an armoire to create an open curio