Jul 25, 2013

Yard sale tips.

I’m not a garage sale expert, but having done a few with a friend and one on my own, there are some things that can make it easier and, of course, you'll sell more stuff. Summer and fall are prime yard sale times so plan yours soon.

1. Bigger is better. People tend to stop, look and buy more when there is more to see.  With a small stash, you’ll most likely get passed by. Get your friends neighbors to put items together and have one large sale.

2. The more the merrier.  Check to see if other people in your area are planning a sale. You’re more likely to have more traffic if there are other yard sales going on at the same time.

3. Make your signs clear.  A handwritten sign is OK if the lettering is bold and clear.  Adding a balloon to the sign and then 'marking' a path with more balloons and signs at major intersections is smart.

4. Know what your stuff is worth. If any of your items are big ticket items or antiques then check eBay, CraigsList or other source and know what you should be able to get for those items.  Even knowing the value of used toys, electronics and appliances will help you negotiate with a buyer.

5. Keep your money on you.  Since you should be moving around talking to people and showing them how things work, you want to have an easy way to keep your earnings safe and at hand. A fanny pack works well, as does a coupon holder clipped to a belt.

6. Start with change.   Before the sale, stock your money pouch/apron/box with one and five dollar bills as well as a few dollars worth of quarters.

7. Good presentation  is everything.
Make sure people can see what you’re selling. Pull items from packaging so they can be seen.   Organize "like" items together so people can browse and select.  Similar "like" items in a multi-family sale should be  grouped together for more impact.