May 6, 2013

Wall coverings for today!

With an eye for sustainability and timeless appeal, wall coverings have reached new levels in creativity and style.  
Standard wallpaper is a thing of the past. New wall coverings are fresh and exciting.  Use them to decorate your entry, a child's room, highlight a wall, accent the back of a bookshelf, or update a dated bathroom.

Made with organic paper Topo Azul and Topo Choco are two hand painted  wall coverings perfect for contemporary interiors. With subtle blue or earth toned papers, these could be a new classic.

Palm Panels are dynamic earthy wall coverings made from coconut shells and are unique in their three-dimensional and smooth finishes.  

Weitzner Limited makes a fabulous textured wall covering from old newspapers, hand weaving on a loom and then backed with paper. Tilted "Newsworthy" this treatment is artistic and dynamic. 

Check out the dramatic patterns from Miss Print.  Produced sustainably in London, these papers are bold and exciting.