Apr 19, 2013

It's all about the window

Do you have a room with a an unusual window? I often design  in homes that have windows in odd locations, with shapes that seem to defy using a covering for privacy. Some even need a window! 

No need for privacy in a dark pantry that was transformed with a
round, deeply molded window for a traditional feel.

A plain line of windows that is the focal point of the room,
becomes warm and textured with blinds and panels.

With an odd space in the kitchen, this window became
a seat, a storage area, and a nice transition to the
family room.

When you have a wonderful architectural features like arched windows, doing less is the best. Here, just the bottom is treated for privacy. Place your rod so that none of the upper window is hidden.

Bowed windows do well with setting blinds or shades into the window to allow you to highlight the molding and curve of the window grouping. Here, sheers with a roller shade underneath, allows the interior moldings, wall-covering, and curvature to show and the shades to be hidden when not needed.

 By following the curve of this large window with stationary panels attached with decorative hooks, the strong statement of the window is maintained and finding ready-made panels is easy.