Mar 19, 2013


It's a fact that people love color. It enriches their lives and  helps relax and refresh. Selecting the right color, however, can be a daunting task.  If you're not planning to re-paint frequently, that color will remain on your walls for many years. From my perspective, a color selection is simpler than a white selection. It's easier to control colors than to work in monochromatic environments, where every hue matters. Some color advice for blue and green. Next week - warm tones!

1. Blue is a high ranking favorite color for men and women. It's associated with water, sky and hence tranquility. When selecting bold blues from paint chips, it's wise to use lighter shades, since the effect in a large room can be overwhelming.  My favorites:
Behr Misty Morn
Sherwin Williams Silvermist
Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue
Pratt & Lambert Dusk Sky

2. Green is a practical color since it's abundant in nature, and its many hues complement nearly every color. Sage green is a popular classic and Emerald green is the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year.  It's a challenge to find the right shade since the hues seems to change with natural light conditions, exposing yellow undertones in sunlight, even getting acidic.   The best greens:
Behr Lima Green
Sherwin Williams Lemon Verbena
Benjamin Moore Great Barrington Green
Pratt & Lambert Herbal Garden