Feb 28, 2013

Quick Updates for Spring

Without changing too many things in your home here are 5 tips to add a fresh, look to nearly any room.

Make hanging or built-in shelves go from storage to spectacular with organization and accessories. Keeping shelves neat should give you room to add color and detail with vases, pictures, plants and more.

Add metallic highlights. Gold or silver added to a 
room with a mirror, a sparkling vase, a metal table lamp, and even pillows, will provide drama and shine. 

Feature a piece of artwork you make rather than buy. I recently saw a collage made from fabric, metal and wood scraps, mounted on a wooden board and coated with ModgePodge. Spectacular and personal!

Go Ethnic. Add some textured black and white African motif vases and bowls. Colored throws make an artistic statement.  An Asian lacquer chest can be a new entry focal point or a dramatic addition under a console.

Make a small space pop.  Have an empty niche?  A small entryway?  Add details like a new mirror, a bench seat, some accessories and even an accent color wall to make if fabulous.