Jan 21, 2013

Ideas to update your home!

What are some easy and relevant ways to update your home...these are my 5 favorites for 2013.

1- Use glass and mirrors. Whether you opt for a mirrored console, a wall hung mirror, a new glass lamp or vases and cloches that are filled with fabulous finds, this is a fresh, clean way to display collectibles, catch the light, and make a design statement. Mirrors help expand spaces and highlight hallways, corners, and so much more.

2- Add handmade or rustic pieces. Personalizing your home is best when one of the pieces you use is handmade. Is it a rustic chair from Grandpa? A found antique that you adore? How about the ceramic bowl made by your child in school? It doesn't matter what your style, a handmade or timeworn piece will add personality and interest to any decor.

3- Fabric. One of the simplest ways to transform a space is to change the fabric on large pieces. Does that mean re-upholstering your entire sofa? NOPE.  How about swapping or re-covering your printed pillows with a dynamic textured fabric.  Take another step and drape a nubby wool throw over the arm or back. Have a small budget? Re-do only the backs or seats of your dining chairs for a spectacular result.

4-  Wall treatments.  Wallpaper is ideal, but NOT the usual small prints or stripe; try bold patterns with a hint of metallic. New damask wall coverings in bright colors in a large scale format can be very traditional for a classic space or dynamic for to update a modern one. You don't need to do all of the walls. If you're good with a brush and trowel, try a faux effect with colors from your space and enjoy a custom treatment. 

5- Shelving. Add an open etagere in place of an end table or in the corner of a hallway. The lightness of the construction won't make the space seem small, you can corral collectibles, and you still have a landing surface for a lamp, your favorite book and a mug of hot tea.