Nov 1, 2012

Get ready for the holidays!

With all of the activities on your schedule, here are tips to help you get ready for holiday entertaining without skimping on style.

(1) For a festive table use your existing dinnerware but add a different piece (charger, bowl, salad plate), some holiday linens, and dress it all up with ornaments and greens.  Try adding an inexpensive clear bowl in lieu of the matching soup bowl and fill with an ornament, pine cone or a floating holiday flower.  Have two sets of dishes? Mix up the plates and bowls. For a centerpiece, I often start with a pre-made wreath, add small branches, sprinkle ornaments around, and finish with bows, candles and place cards. 

(2) For a buffet dinner, create separate stations for food, drinks and desserts. It spreads the holiday cheer around your home.  Layer on a tablecloth or even a bolt of fabric (which can be under $10 at big box stores), raise up some areas with boxes or pots underneath, wind miniature lights around, and fill in spaces with poinsettia plants, ornaments, and greenery. Keep your theme and colors the same or similar to the rest of your house and at each station to help make it easy.

(3) Place wreaths in your dining room windows, tie to your shutters, or simply hang on the wall (use 3M Command hooks for damage free hanging). Using a great ribbon to tie on will create instant ambiance. For under $10 you can find great faux wreaths that you can use for years. If you have time, add lights, ornaments and more!

(4) Hang holiday cards on a door or wall by hanging a ribbon, and clip or pin cards on. I simply hang mine over the shutter. You  can hang them vertically or horizontally.  Instant decor and a great way to track card-giving for next year!

(5) Dress up your dining chairs with fabric and ribbon.  Drape the fabric over the top of the chair and create a large bow at the back. If you have seating for 18 (I do sometimes) just do the host and hostess chairs. Simple and elegant.  This is an especially handy tip for folding chairs.