Oct 5, 2012

Update your bathroom this weekend.

Have two days and want to update your bath? Home improvement stores have products you can buy on Friday, install on Saturday, and enjoy on Sunday. Here are my five favorite updates.

1) Paint the walls and/or cabinets a fresh new color. Go from beige to lavender, from white to green, from beige to latte.  Use eco-friendly paints and prep beforehand.  A small bath, prepped and covered should take just a few hours.

2) Add architectural details.  Try adding a chair rail height molding or wainscot. You can paint the lower area one color and the upper wall another.   This was an even bolder idea to create a focal point and be artistic. 

3) Swap shower curtains.  A big impact can be had with changing your linens whether it be the shower curtain, window panels, mats or rugs - and of course - towels. Crisp white looks great in many baths but don't hesitate to be creative with pattern selection.

4) Install new tile. Many sinks don't have a backsplash. Add one...easy to install mosaic sheets often require no cuts. Can you swap your linoleum for a large scale tile? Can you remove a small area of tile and replace? Use a pro if you don't know how, since a bad job can be dangerous as well as frustrating.

5) Add or change lighting. Have a Hollywood style bath bar? Swap it for an updated one. Want a pendant? There are fixtures that simply screw in place of recessed lights..what a great new look. I recommend flanking the mirror with sconces for the best lighting. Change your mirrors for an instant update and to reflect the new lighting!