Oct 16, 2012

My 5 favorite decor ideas!

If you love to walk into a room and feel the need to change something to make that space more perfect, then you should try one of these ideas.  Even if you already have a room full of furniture and lighting, there are things you can add and change to create a more cohesive, ideally planned room. As a designer, I develop new ideas based on constant research, as I find solutions to client problems, and the need to be innovative every day. 

Change the lighting. A great pendant, a shapely table lamp, and even an architectural floor lamp, can be a dramatic accessory. Create a focal point with the fixture or the beam of light, and work everything around it.

Add orchids: Even if you don't have a green thumb, a flowering orchid plant will add an elegant feel to a room, soften a harsh corner and look refreshing. They're delicate and look expensive, and you can find them in most big box hardware stores for under $20.  Add a group in a blue and white vessel for a traditional look or a single plant in a glass pot for a modern feel.

Hang or re-position your mirrors: With the ability to add light to a room, provide detail and a focal point, mirrors are one of the most versatile design accessories...not to mention functional!  Using a floor mirror can even make a narrow hallway appear wider, and a low-ceiling room appear taller!   

Area rugs: The ability to define or divide a space can come from an area rug. Add visual interest, scale, pattern and texture to any room. 

Install panel curtains:  To add softness to any window, adding panels - even with existing blinds - will do the trick.  Have a small window?  Flanking it with panels can make the window look larger.  Need a bit of texture or color? A great patterned panel curtain can add the layer to finish your space.