Oct 19, 2012

Design trends for the new year

As new products are introduced, you might want to keep abreast of the design trends for 2013 to see what's in or not!

Green design. As products and practices that are earth-friendly become more commonplace and affordable, more emphasis will be placed their importance. Tips: Select low-water use faucets and energy star appliances. Buy local products. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in fixtures.

Luxury. Rather than quantity and opulence, the goal is to surround yourself with luxurious appointments. Choose the stunning new glass tile over the traditional stone back splash. Tip: When designing your rooms make every item in the space count.

Re-discover traditional values and heritage.  From paint colors to furniture, a revival of classic lines will come in new colors.  Metallics, earth tones, and rich pastels are all "in'. Tips: Select accessories, artwork and new wall colors in the new hues. Throw a blanket over the sofa arm and at the foot of your beds for a change. Textured pillows make a great statement.

Capturing light.  From accent lighting to mirrors to candles, the trend is to bring light into rooms. Look for metallics in wall coverings, and fabrics. Use them wisely and make a great statement.Tips: Change the shades on lamps to allow more light to come through, and consider a glass lamp base for an updated look. Add mirrors to reflect light from windows back into your rooms.

Less is more. From accessories to furniture, having fewer pieces and making statements with those you select is right. Look for quality over quantity. Tips: Rather than use many small items in a group, add one or two larger scaled pieces. Take away multiple corner pillows on your sofas, leaving a bolster in the center.  Re-purpose furniture in another area to open up a crowded room.

Integration of function into design. New zero-clearance appliances make integrating function into kitchen and bath design better than ever. Ethanol fireplaces that don't require venting, drawer fridges, counters that incorporate sinks and drains, and better cabinet storage are all more commonplace. Tips: Fridge and dishwasher drawers are often more economical than using the larger appliances; tuck them into cabinet spaces when possible.