Sep 13, 2012

Ways to update your home for under $1000.

It's fall. The doors and windows are closing to keep warmth in.  Your spaces may seem small or dated.  We love to provide DIY advice, but be sure ti get help if you're not an expert!

1) Replace or repaint the front door.  Inside as well as outside, that door is what you see daily. A new color, finish or style will be long-lasting and have a tremendous impact.

2) Add fabric to windows.  Even if you already have blinds or shutters, a dramatic or soft fabric treatment is a beautiful; and simple update.

3)  Add or change your kitchen or bath backsplash. Go from plain to dynamite or drab to elegant.  Mosaic tiles are easy to install. Don't forget that wall paper and paint can make a great backsplash.

4) Use or change your area rugs.  A new rug will provide color, pattern and texture to a space.  Create a new seating group by anchoring on a rug!

5) Update your shower.  Go from a curtain to a glass enclosure.  Get a new low-flow but high output showerhead. You use this space daily so make it great!

6) Create new storage or display areas.  Add bookshelves to a plain wall...hang them or use free-standing models. Have a niche? Install them there.

7) Add molding.  Even a simple change to door casings can have a big impact on a room.  Don't have crown?  Add some.  Chair rail moldings are great for architectural detail and provide areas for paint color changes.

8) Install a skylight.  Need to brighten a dark hallway or room? Skylights and solar tubes are ideal.

9) Recover your sofa. As the largest piece of furniture in a home, the sofa takes center stage in your layout. With a new fabric or slipcover, it can transform a space.

10)  Update your fireplace.  If you don't have a mantle, this is a great feature to add. Have brick?  Consider re-facing with a fabulous new tile.  Don't have a fireplace? Add a no-vent ethanol one! 

Check back for the next ten tips later this month!