Aug 3, 2012

Clutter buster ideas for a fresh fall start!

NEED A GIVE-AWAY GUIDE FOR STUFF?  Here are some tips. Always remember that it's OK to take baby steps. Using bins with  labels such as "KEEP", "DONATE", "DISCARD" , "RECYCLE" also helps you stay organized.

1) PAPER. Your fear - if you put away the stack of paper it will be forgotten. Does the stack get you to take action or get bigger? Keep those papers in a wicker basket or decorative paper box. That serves as visual reminder but keeps it out of sight. Inserting labeled file folders - TO DO, TO PAY, TO FILE, etc.. - might help! 

2) GIFTS   Your best friend gave you a vase for your wedding, grandma left you a table when she passed on. Even though you don't like it, you feel if you don't keep it, it's disrespectful.  NOT TRUE.  Since the true meaning of a gift was to celebrate an event  or to honor a memory, the memory is more valuable than the gift. If someone else who gets it, enjoy it, that's more of an honor.

3) FUTURE VALUE  Worrying that something you have will be valuable again is very common.  Check eBay, do a Google search, or use an appraiser to learn the true value.  It's worth knowing that many items need original packaging to retain value.

4) EXPENSIVE ITEMS  You hate to discard those $300 shoes but it's been years since you've worn them.  If items 'hang' around because you feel guilty about what you spent...consider how much better you'll feel when  you know they've gone to someone who will enjoy them fully!

5) MULTIPLES  Having multiples of some items (a favorite shirt, accessories, costume jewelry, suitcases) that you don't use but "may need one day" is common. When they overload your cabinets, closets, and garage and become obstacles...try this.  Take them from the space, put them into a bin and put them elsewhere for six months (or a year if you REALLY think you need it). If you still haven't used it then, take that bin to a local donation center. You didn't miss them, and it's likely you never will!