Aug 2, 2012

Bathroom design tips for an enduring style.

When you are planning a bath remodel, consider using one of my favorite ideas to customize your design:

1) Use glass.  Adding walls or shower enclosures of glass will open the space.Whether you use standard glass, glass blocks, an obscure glass, or custom privacy glass, the results will be fantastic.

2) Add legs. Instead of placing cabinets on toe kicks, use furniture style legs. 

3) Teak it up. Teak is a favorite material for bathrooms with its natural water resistance.  How about a teak fold-down bench?  A shower mat?  The shower floor? 

4) Upscale.  Bathing or showering as a couple can be practical as well as romantic. Increase the size of your walk-in shower or spa tub for function and enjoyment.

5) Think commercial.  Commercial fixtures like linear drains, hands free faucets and auto-flush toilets are sleek and highly functional. An added bonus is superb durability and water savings.

Adding curves and a platform creates drama.
6) Go curvy.  Many bathrooms are strictly linear; the addition of curves imparts softness and interest. How about a platform for the spa tub? The edges of the vanities? With more space you can design a curved shower enclosure.

7) Define the spaces.  Rather than set all of the fixtures and cabinets onto a uniform floor, if you have the space, delineate it with meandering tile designs leading towards each functional area.  Doing so adds artistry, accentuates cabinetry, defines functional areas (wet-dry) and even allows for more creative use of surface materials.

8) Take it outside. With a second home that is used seasonally, try creating an outdoor shower or soak tub area in lieu of a hot tub.  Using materials designed to withstand weather changes, you can expand your home and capture the essence of the surrounding environment.