Jul 27, 2012

Ten weekend update tips.

Have two days and want  to make a design or decor change? Try one of these small ideas for a large impact.

Two hours and two cans of paints gave this accent wall a new look.
1) Paint.  The changes to a room from updating the walls are tremendous. Does that mean you need to do all of the walls...NO.  The addition of one accent wall, freshening up just the trim and doors, adding a faux effect up to chair rail height, can be done in hours. 

2) Lighting.  Update the outdated fixtures. (see prior blog posts for ideas.) If your budget allows, change the fixtures that have the most impact on the room...the dining chandelier, a kitchen sconce...and don't forget that new shades have a big impact.

Organize shelves for a clutter-free look.

3) Store-it.  Having a clutter-free space does give a sense of newness. Easy ways to reduce clutter are add wicker baskets or decorative paper boxes, b) hang or buy ready-made bookshelves, c) purchase a storage cube or chest that doubles as a seat or table.

4) Position. Change the layout of a room.  For the living room try moving the sofa to a new wall, arranging furniture horizontally versus vertically in the space, and swapping the position of tables and lamps. In the bedroom, move the bed to another wall or even angle it!

Adding sconces and a group of prints
 is a quick update.

5) Soft goods. Change the color and texture of pillows on your sofa or bed. Add a throw or take one away. Can you swap the bed room pillows and throws with those in the living room? If not, and there is no budget for new ones cover one face with a napkin and then tie on ribbon like a gift box.

6) Hardware.  Replace the hardware on kitchen cabinets and key pieces. Have a knob? Try a pull.  Changing from brass or chrome to a black finish will be dramatic. It's an easy change and you can bargain hunt big box stores for sets of pulls and knobs.

7) Swap it.  This applies to artwork, accessories, candles and even furniture - if you are ambitious. Moving art on the walls gives new perspective to a room...and of course, the art!  Create a group of accessories rather than spreading them around. Change candles..color and size. If you move furniture, try re-purposing pieces.

Adding glass & cabinet lighting in uppers was a quick update that transformed this kitchen.
8) Re-face. Give your appliances and/or cabinets a face-lift. Change the panels on dishwashers and refrigerators. Use appliance spray paint to re-color. Cut the center of some cabinet doors out and add glass.

9) Lighten up. Add light to your rooms. Using a mirror, reflect the light from a window to the interior. No window? Place a table lamp or even a picture light in front of the mirror. If you can, add lighting to the perimeter, under cabinets, inside armoires and bookcases... use low wattage LED ropes or strips.

Adding a plant and a picture made
this dresser perfect in a living room.

10) Add greens.  Like paint, plants and flowers have a huge impact on rooms.  Soften a hard corner with a tall plant or even curly willow in a large vase. Place fresh flowers on your kitchen counter, a living room table, or other noticeable place.  Hang a seasonal wreath on the wall, from a shelf or on an inside door. Can you use your own garden? Even better.