Jun 12, 2012

Showering should be an experience!

What better way to brighten the day than to play around in the shower? Kohler’s new Flipside Faucet is a deliciously different pulsating variety of water.  
 With a choice of three shower head styles and four different massage sprays in one unit, there are multiple options to enjoy your daily bathing. Conventional shower heads require a rotary adjustment that’s cumbersome, imprecise, and prone to scaling and build-up. It's much more enjoyable and hygienic to just swivel and spin to change the position.

Flipside’s flowing lines make a contemporary design statement in both polished chrome or vibrant brushed nickel.  As to the four faces of Flipside, they’re accessed along the disc shaped showerhead’s four sides (each cleverly assigned a name 1) “Koverage” which offers a traditional shower-style spray; 2) “Kotton” promises a soft dispersion analogous to my favorite t-shirt material; 3) “Komotion” introduces a khaotic cascade from 12 different apertures; and 4) “Kurrent” furls forth a calming stream.

The Italian bath company, Frattini, developed Do.Re.Mi with three separate pieces to make your shower a customized experience.  You can choose one or all of the three steel and brass units, arranging them however you like; they mount to the wall or ceiling. Each head offers something different with water. Opt for rain, whirlpool, or full dual spray. Yes it's phallic in design and even in function, but a fun showering experience.  Line the fixtures up vertically and you can have an expressionistic stoplight, casting water instead of colored beams. Group Do.Re.Mi horizontally and you form a reticulated serpent. Position the trinity in a triangle and you’ve got an ideal shower head for Masons. You might also organize Do.Re.Mi at varying heights, positioning the pieces so that they shower different members of the family—short or tall.
Check out COBRA, a sleek, simple shower that is as beautiful as it is functional.