Jun 24, 2012

Kitchen.....5 ideas for decor and style.

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home.  Even if one doesn't cook, it becomes a gathering place.  Since it's such an oft-viewed space, it needs to reflect the personality of the occupant and still be functional for cooking. Hence, adding too many display items can look cluttered.  So, how do you create style for this space? Here's how.

1. Decorative backsplash:  The simplest way to add character and style is with a backsplash.  From stone, to glass, to porcelain, to wood, and unique materials like cork and metal, there is an idea for every style.  The great news is that even a small space backsplash will provide maximum impact, and is easy to modify when your style changes.  

2. Hardware:  Knobs and pulls are available in many finishes and materials, and can easily be the only accent needed in a kitchen. From sleek stainless pulls to decorative glass knobs, the selections are nearly endless.  Imagine a country kitchen with white cabinets and a beadboard backsplash; a brass knob that accents the light fixtures is a perfect, traditional choice.

3. Color: A fabulous hue on the walls or inside glass-fronted cabinets, adds style and interest. Love color? Use it on the cabinets for a custom design statement. Whether it's a country kitchen in a distressed violet stain, or a sleek minimalist one with yellow thermofoil, the personality of the user is clear.

4. Area rug:  While this is not yet common practice since small rugs can be slippery (be sure to use a rug pad regardless of size) and they can soil if food and liquids are spilled, they add personality in a big way.  A decorative Persian runner will dress up a casual kitchen and an inexpensive sisal will provide a beach look. Good news...outdoor rugs and those 'washable' just for kitchens are easy to clean and stain resistant; they come in many styles and patterns.  We love FLOR carpet tiles since you can customize the flooring and can recycle and replace heavily damaged tile.


5. Change the lighting:  From recessed fixtures to pendants and chandeliers, the right light fixture will create instant ambiance.  You can select a fixture that compliments your decor or add one that becomes an artistic feature.  In the top image, the lighting is glass and iron to complement the bold black and white floor. In the lower one, no dropped fixture are used since the ceiling is low and there is enough detail in the cabinet moldings.