Jun 22, 2012

5 ways to update your bedroom.

Bedrooms are unique spaces.  While we often spend as much as 1/3 of our 24 hours there, it's with our eyes closed. Yet, when awakening, your surroundings can set the tone for your day. Here are some ideas to update your bedroom. 

1. Add color to the ceiling. A great way to start your day. Even white with a hint of blue or green is interesting.

      2. Install built-ins above and next to the bed are great for small spaces. Store books and alarm clocks on shelves without taking up precious floor space. These displays also create instant artwork.

      3. Paint a single wall an accent color for interest.  

      4. Drape fabric from rods at the head of the bed for an elegant and cozy space.

      5. Use your window as the focal point, centering the bed against theA bank of windows creates a natural "headboard"and the light window treatments give the illusion of a canopy.