Jun 17, 2012

10 organizing ideas that re-purpose what you have!

My clients often have things that they stop using for the intended purpose, and they get stacked in a closet, the garage, or just clutter their rooms.  Here are a few items and some new uses!  Hope it helps!

1) Toothbrush holder: With electric toothbrushes being stored in cases, these counter models are often antiquated items. Use it to house pens and pencils on a desk, the kitchen counter, or craft table.  Pretty attractive!  For the old wall-mounted ones, hang beside your desk for easy reach of scissors and more.

2) Soap dish: I use gels and liquids, so my ceramic soap dish is now a paperclip holder. My client uses hers to put in rings and earrings at night. They're pretty enough to leave out and handy to reach.

3) Paint cans: Maybe you don't have too many of these around, but a creative way to separate papers, toy parts, and more is an old, clean, paint can. New ones work too and you can have your children create designs for the outside. Make them into a candle, a gift tote, and even a planter.

4) Clothespins: I know of a few people who still love to freshen their clothes on a line, but for those who don't, the pile of clothespins can be used to hang important cards, notes, and invitations on ribbon, string or wire, in a home office.  Glue magnets to the back and - voila - a country style refrigerator magnet.  Decoupage them for a sophisticated look.

5) Cookie pan. Need a memo board?  An old cookie sheet, covered with paint, shelf paper or other decor, can be a neat catch-all for posting and saving papers. Here are two, tied together with ribbon and shoelaces.  Great use for small ribbon samples too!

6) Dish drain:  When you need a solution for files and don't want a closed tote or box, try this idea. You can slip folders in - there are some great patterned folders you can use - and create a neat, handy place to organize your paperwork.

7) Mint tins:  Altoids makes a sturdy tin, but when it's empty there isn't a refill.  Use it to store business cards you collect so they stay neat and flat.  I have a few in my desk drawer for pins, pennies, picture hangers and buttons.  If you decorate them they can be customized to what's inside!

8) Muffin tin:  This is truly a handy device for a kitchen drawer, a shop, your desk, and even a jewelry box. When they're too old to bake in - older models may even be rusted - they make a great country style organizer that looks as good as the function.

9) Shower caddy: Sometimes a bath remodel adds niches into the walls. The old caddy can be sprayed and used to store crafting items, mail, dog leashes, and so on.  Hang it behind a door to hide, or dress it up with paint, ribbon and beads for wall art. Need spice storage in your pantry? Hang it on the door or wall and load it with spices!

10) Plastic food containers: When you finish the deli salad, switch to BPA free containers, and use the last of the cream cheese, turn those containers into organizers for buttons, coins, seeds, rubber bands, and all of the things that get left in the bottom of drawers.  Dress them up or not!