May 17, 2012

Got stuff? Here's what to do with some pesky items.

Spring is still here so cleaning out before you throw open your doors for summer warmth is still a good idea.
Check out the list if items, what to do with them, and where to take them!  Sometimes a "FREE" box works if set at your curb.

(1) Worn out linens old towels, sheets and dishtowels. You can only keep so many rags.  If you can sew, there are many options, if not..... a) Bring them to your local animal shelter, b) make a bib for a baby, c) donate to Salvation Army and Goodwill. 

(2) Outdated cell phones. Delete the data and send off to Cell Phones for Soldiers, bring to Best Buy or Home Depot. Many carriers and charities have their own programs.

(3) Paid bills.  With all of the digital back-ups, you likely won't need a paper version of statements of old bills from the 1990's. Scan and store the ones you need for IRS backup! Shred and recycle the rest.

(4) Hangers. Metal hangers can go to your local drycleaner. You can make many things with the wire...check out some on-line projectsO IF you have time.  Goodwill won't take empty ones but Salvation Army takes wooden and plastic ones.

(5) Extra kitchen gadgets. Don't use that huller you got from someone 5 years ago? Cookie cutters may be useful for many projects, but the rest can be donated so someone else can enjoy a one-purpose tool that you don't use!

(6) VHS tapes, cassettes, and similar items. Digitize what you want to keep. Do it on-line or through a local service.  Some bookstore and thrift shops take them. Greendisk will recycle them.

(7) Furniture, sports equipment, yard tools, toys & bikes are best sold at a yard sale.  Craig's list is for home gyms, large bookshelves, and appliances.

(8) Personal care products. Share with friends, donate to a local church, bring to a shelter, unused things can go to Freecycle, or  empty them and recycle the container!

(9) Clothes, hobby pasts, dishes, shoes, decor.  Donate or share. A yard sale won't net much so it's often not worth the time. Local charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and more (check your neighborhood for animal shelter and church thrift shops, women's and homeless shelters, and those that donate across international borders).

(10) Books and records. Many libraries have book sale outlets so you may be able to sell first editions at a used bookstore.  Same for vinyl records.  Trade technical books for new editions when possible (used bookshop, college store), donate to an international book donation program in your area, donate to a thrift store, swap with friends, recycle what can be!