May 24, 2012

DIY Place mats for Indoors or Out

Need a uniquely shaped place mat? How about one that has the color you like? Many times I shop for clients and don't see exactly what works for their homes.  That's when I think outside the proverbial box. I like to shop at off-priced stores for items that I can re-purpose or re-configure, so that I don't feel bad if  I make an error. If my idea doesn't pan out for the client, I can always donate my creation to a local charity and I know it will be used.

For a round table, it's hard to find a place mat that really works. With square plastic mats and an Xacto knife, you can create nearly any shape from any color!  Here, a leaf shape works well with a round or oblong indoor table, and can be brought outdoors to add a touch of color to a picnic table.