Mar 28, 2012

Should you hire a designer for your project?

The value of using a professional interior designer goes far beyond just aesthetics. When you make a decision to remodel or update your home, and bring in a designer, it WILL change your life in the best ways. 
When asked how I add value for clients, I offer examples that are all provided by clients that I've helped. Bath and kitchen remodels are ideal projects for which calling in a professional will save money and time.  Using my expertise even for a quick consultation results in better space planning,  improved function, ideal product selections, enduring design details, and ideas that make using those rooms far better than a client imagined.  In a remodel, my experience with construction and installation helps guide the process so contractor errors are minimized. Permitting and codes are always changing, and sustainable design can be confusing. That's where the right designer is priceless.

Certainly, designers can provide WOW factor, but also elements that help you many years after the project is complete. When I shored up the bathroom walls during a remodel in a young bachelor's condo, he never dreamed that he'd need to add grab bars. Years later he did while recuperating from a serious injury, and thanked me profusely for saving him from unnecessary construction. We problem solve more than create pretty rooms.

In home updates, I provide the creativity in product selection and space planning that reflect the client's desires.   There is nothing more satisfying when a client calls to tell me how much they love and use their updated spaces. That's especially true for clients who are budget conscious. I know the ways to provide quality at their  price point. When I offer  ideas on re-purposing existing pieces, it saves them money and often keeps a family heirloom in the family.  

Selecting the right finishes, furnishings and accessories, where every piece has a purpose is rewarding for clients. I am a life-style advocate for my clients, providing ideas and recommendations they could not have come up with on their own. Wall colors can be as much of a challenge as using the right tile. For many clients, the right color on their walls is a gift...adding a faux effect or architectural details to make each room flow into the next is priceless. With seven painted swatches on their fireplace wall, my clients had struggled for 2 years to find the right color to work with their existing floor and the new tile they already bought. One glance from me and a name-dropped color later, she painted her wall that night and was ecstatic over the result. 
When you want to LOVE your home, have a budget, and want a style that is YOU, the decision to hire a designer is always right.  Doing it right saves time and saves money.  We can help you can nail your budget, and accomplish something you will appreciate every day.   

A dramatic before and after.