Mar 7, 2012

Beautiful and and lighting for the discerning eye.

Creativity abounds in these fixtures and furnishings. They're all sustainable and have as nice of an impact in your home as they do on the environment. Each piece is eye-catching and will certainly break the ice at your next dinner party.

The Cordis chaise lounge is made completely from cork that originates as the waste material from the bottle stopper industry. Cork has tremendous potential to perform in ways unlike any other material, as well as being environmentally responsible. This piece shows the material’s ability to bend in two directions simultaneously, creating complex three-dimensional forms laminated from a flat sheet. The pliability of the material allows the user of this lounge to rock gently from side to side or on their back with a great degree of stability. The result is a sensation of floating, weightless and totally supported. 

The Tetris shelf is a modular collection of five varying blocks that can be conformed in multiple, interesting configurations. Use them in an asymmetric shape for a modern space, and in a traditional rectangular configuration for a classic look. The shelf edges are beveled, adding a level of detail not often seen. 

Drink coffee?  This fixture could be the icing on the cake in your entry, knowing that you played a role in its development. Made from recycled coffee stirrers - although it looks like it's made from crystalline rods - it makes a design statement as well as an environmental one.