Mar 9, 2012

5 elements to update your interior spaces.

When creating a personal, custom space for yourself, use these design elements to add texture, softness, ambiance, and provenance.

1) Lighting. A great pendant, a shapely table lamp, and even an architectural floor lamp, can be a dramatic accessory and a focal point to a room. With the right fixture in the right scale and color, you can complete the decor of a space and add functional light at the same time. It's easy to update your decor with a table lamp, but try hanging a pendant instead! These are from  A Touch of Tradition.

2) Candlesticks: Whether you like classic turned wooden candlesticks or sleek glass ones, using real or flame less candles, when they're nestled in the right place in your room, add drama, softness, romance, and accent light. The new battery-operated LED candles are dynamite too. They offer safety and some even have remote controls and timers to turn on and off in 24 hour cycles.

3) Orchids: Even if you don't have a green thumb, a flowering orchid plant will add an elegant feel to a room, soften a harsh corner and look refreshing. They're not as delicate as you might think and they certainly look expensive. Nowadays you can find them in most big box hardware stores for under $15.  Add a group in a blue and white vessel for a traditional look or a single plant in a richly colored cache pot for a modern feel.

4) Books: While I love open space on tables, books add a lived in feel, an architectural element, and sophistication to consoles, end tables and coffee tables. Placing them out is both practical and attractive. Your favorites will showcase your hobbies and personality! If they bindings are busy or in too many colors, wrap them with wallpaper, craft paper, decorative paper and more, to create a uniform, neat appearance,

5) Mirrors: With the ability to reflect light into a room, provide architectural detail, and even function as wall art, mirrors are one of the most versatile design accessories...not to mention functional!  They can add apparent space to a small room, create a focal point, and reflect a beautiful room for added enjoyment.   By using floor mirrors you can make a narrow hallway appear wider, and a low-ceiling room appear taller!   Be aware of what the mirror is reflecting.  A drab wall or the tops of furniture, won't add to the impact of using one. Take a look at the mirrors available in the TOT-Home marketplace.