Feb 2, 2012

Shelve it

We always need storage and display space for something. I adore classic blue and white porcelain, but love a streamlined overall look. How do you keep your collectibles, showcase what you love (when you love it), store necessary items, and keep your rooms looking beautiful?  Shelving. It's architecturally wonderful, can be incorporated into any room, is able to be organized so it looks and functions perfectly, and looks great even if some of the spaces are covered with doors or other materials.  

Here are some shelves that, I hope, can inspire you.                                                                  

 These shelves serve as 1) a room divider between the entry door and the "L" shaped living - dining space. Great use of simple materials - birch planks and stainless pipe - make a modern style unit that also stores and displays. Still makes the room feel open but organized!

We often want to hide a television above a fireplace, but then don't know how to treat the flanking walls.  This custom unit extends the full length of the condo wall, creating much needed storage for dishes in the dining area, audio visual equipment in the living room, and even shoes and sports equipment in the entry. The display area above the fireplace is lit, and yes the TV can be completely concealed!

Some non-standard shelves, built into the drywall and lit from below, create a clean display for blue and white porcelain without cluttering a small lounge.

One wall of this kitchen needed storage, a cooktop, and some counter space but cabinets were not desired. Solution....an open "cube" shelving unit that allows for all of the functions, lighting for each cube, and a very simple, white design that makes this a perfect Swedish style room.