Feb 1, 2012

5 weekend decorating ideas.

When you need a quick update, try one of these ideas!

1 ) Dress up a hallway or kitchen nook with bench seat. Pair a DIY upholstered headboard with a seat-height bench to create a seat and even include storage. Hang the headboard a few inches above the bench top so it's easy to toss on a comfortable cushion. Use anchor bolts to secure the headboard to the wall.

2) Create wall art and a memo center in one.  Hang cork inside a store-bought frame (or make your own). Apply a decal over the surface. Instant art and a place to neatly display children's art, memos and more.

3) Need more storage in a kitchen nook or dining area?  Hang some attractive shelves, fill with dishes, glasses and some baskets to hide items, and voila, instant ambiance at a reasonable cost.

4) Glam it up and re-purpose an old dresser. Add glass to the fronts of an unattractive dresser and move it into the spotlight in a hallway or living room. 

5) Add drama to a wall with pre-made panels.  You can paint a new color - or -not, The architectural will be gorgeous.