Nov 29, 2011

Check out these cooktops!

Gaggenau's Vario cooktop. 
Essential to a functional kitchen, yet often overlooked in design schemes, here are three modern cooktops that offer both pragmatism and elegance.
1) German kitchen company Gaggenau is known for producing innovative and functional appliances. Their line of Vario Cooktops lets you combine induction hobs with grills, fryers, and other tools of the trade. For those cooks who are addicted to the pleasures of cooking with gas ,this is a generous 36-inches. With five newly-designed burners that have two or three rings for more efficient cooking, this cooktop is truly an appliance that home chefs dream of. With technological innovations that improve the quality of heating, the Gaggenau cooktop is truly designed for those with uncompromising taste: “A combination of electronic flame surveillance with automatic re-ignition, as well our ultra-safe thermocouple-shut-down system, make this today’s finest gas cooktop.” Not only does the cooktop provide lots of room for pots and pans, but also it is easy to clean (thanks to its three-part cast iron grating).

                   Franke Opera’s Combination Cooktop 

2) What’s 90 cm wide, makes use of two of the Western world’s favorite forms of energy, and neatly trimmed out in brushed stainless steel? If you answered Franke’s Opera Seriescombination cooktop, you get the prize—how about a meal of seared bacon-wrapped tenderloin, fingerling pommes frites, and chocolate crème brulée? If you were so lucky as to own the aforementioned dual-function appliance, you could prepare each of the elements of this grand repast with a gourmand’s precision, with the fine-tuned finesse of the world’s finest chefs.

Known the world over for their super-stylish stainless steel sinks, the Verona-based manufacturer aspires to “technological excellence and production quality, aimed at design and innovation.” The combo cooktop shares names with the Opera OPS 600 series sinks, whose clean lines and highly-functional prep tray are a fixture in many an aesthete’s cucina. I’ll take that as a hint that the complementary products are fated to join forces. For its part, the Opera cooktop joins its own forces of electric and gas, perhaps diffusing a burgeoning conflict between the two methods.  It features a space-savvy design incorporating four gas burners around a compact radiant ceramic cooking zone. Other features include the convenience of electric ignition, the joy of easy-to-clean individual cast iron grates, and the marvelous moxie of rapid 3.3 KW burners.

Elleci’s 70 CM Gas Cooktop - Available in Six Gorgeous Finishes.

3) One pitfall of buying an older house—and not having the resources to start from scratch—is the ongoing frustration of mismatched appliances. Many people have resolved the issue of the fridge, dishwasher, and sink all complementing one another nicely, but the cooktop still sticks out like a sore thumb. Italian manufacturer, Elleci, offers an elegant solution to this quandry. Like all their cooktops, the 70 CM Modern Gas Hob is an excellent match with their sinks since they feel that cooktops should make as much of an aesthetic statement as a utilitarian one. Accordingly, not only are each and every one of their 14 cooktops chock full of modern features, they’re also tailor made to enhance the kitchen’s overall decor. Their cooktops cover the decorative gamut— six different lines Modern, New Modern, Crystal, Style, Classic, and New Classic each with a choice of multiple finishes.  Among the Modern 70’s most comely features are its five burners spaced in a starburst pattern. This configuration optimizes distribution, so differently-sized pans don’t have to jockey for space. With dimensions of 50 x 70 cm, the unit is large enough to easily execute a multiple-course meal, but slim enough to work with smaller kitchens. Like all of Elleci’s cooktops, the Modern 70 offers one hand ignition and triple crown burners for even heat distribution. Finish options for the Modern 70 include black, titanium, chrome, jada, and white.